Priority #1 Plus

Priority #1 Plus – Membership is priority number one! Learn how to create the best Rotary Brand Experience to improve Club Culture and Retention. This three hour presentation is based on four key concepts gleaned from the siegel+gale report. That report has fundamentally changed traditional thinking about members in Rotary.

Priority #1 Plus introduces simple tools that District and Club leaders can adopt to immediately improve their Rotary Brand Experience to attract and retain members consistent with the siegel+gale concepts.

More Information

A team of trainers representing the Zone Membership Committee will bring the Priority #1 Plus presentation to your District seminar.

Requirements: (District Provides)

    • Reimbursement of team transportation and lodging expenses.
    • Cost of Workbooks (About $5.50/book).
    • A 3-hour session devoted entirely to the Priority #1 Plus.
    • An appropriate training location and A/V equipment.
    • A Saturday or Sunday training date.
    • An audience of at least 50 district and club leaders representing all clubs plus all others interested.

Zone Team Provides:

    • Experienced motivational trainers (a team of two).
    • Exciting “hands-on exercises” that involve the entire audience.

To Schedule a Presentation: Contact Steve Lingenbrink, Zone 25/26 Membership Chair
Phone: 206-276-5553 – Email: