WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: All of the training, programs, and assets that the Rotary Coordinator Team offers are intended to assist in supporting and strengthening clubs.

WHAT WE DO: The team of Rotary Coordinators (RCs) develop creative approaches that support and strengthen clubs, and help districts and clubs to adopt the increased flexibility created by the 2016 Council on Legislation to meet members’ needs.

HOW WE CAN HELP: We have skilled professionals that support the District Membership Chairs with expertise in areas such as training, retention, Rotaract/Rotary relations, forming Rotaract clubs, Alternative clubs (i.e. e-clubs, satellite clubs), improving club culture, risk management, alumni (especially ROTEX), developing Membership Action Plans. We have specially designed programs to help support and strengthen your districts and clubs:

Our team serves both Zones – regardless of where members reside. Take a look and contact the team member with the area of expertise you are seeking.

HOW TO FIND AVAILABLE TOOLS: Membership tools are found both on the Zone25/ website and the site. Your team has access to resources that can help clubs with membership resources, and many listed below can be found on the Membership page of My Rotary:

In addition, online membership courses (including those listed below) are available to all members of the Learning Center.

  • Is Your Club Healthy?
  • Online Membership Leads
  • Building a Diverse Club
  • Kick-start Your New Member Orientation
  • Practicing Flexibility and Innovation
  • Strategies for Attracting New Members
  • Best Practices for Engaging Members
  • Your Membership Plan

Strengthening clubs is all about creating an engaging, satisfying experience for current members and making the club more attractive to potential members. The Project Lifecycle Resources page on My Rotary offers tools to develop effective projects locally and globally. Rotary also offers a course on Developing and Promoting Your Service Project in the Learning Center.

Resources that can help clubs in their strategic planning efforts include:



Episode #1: Breaking Bad


Episode #2: Meeting Etiquette


Episode #3: Thanks for Asking

Remember the Essential Elements!

  • Brand drives Membership (better Brand (Club) Experience more engaged members);
  • Membership drives Foundation (More members, more giving and more service); and our
  • Foundation drives our Brand on the public stage creating more interest in Rotary.