It is very important to have a Public Image Chairperson for your club. In most clubs this person is responsible for all public communication including press releases, digital media, media relations and public signage.

There are a number of ways to choose a Public Image Chair for your club.

First. Choose a member who is in the media, public relations or marketing field. These types of members already have a professional background that will help your club have strong Rotary brand experience. This type of member typically already has strong ties and relationships in the local media.

Second. Choose a partnership of members, one with vast knowledge of Rotary and one with strong knowledge of media to be Co-Chairs of Public Image. For Example: The most senior active member will have great Rotary experience to share and the most active young member will have strong Social Media experience to share AND together they can team up to a great PI Chair.

Your club will be much stronger over time after having a Public Image leader. This leader will communicate with the public about the benefits of Rotary in our community and will inspire other members to become involved in public image and the Rotary Brand experience.