It is very important to have a Public Image Chairperson for your club and it is highly recommended that your Chair be a sitting member on the club’s board. In most clubs, this person is responsible for all public communication including press releases, digital media, media relations and public signage. Your club will be much stronger over time after having a Public Image leader. This leader will communicate with the public about the benefits of Rotary in our community and will inspire other members to become involved in public image and the Rotary Brand experience.

Even if you have a public relations professional in your club that is willing to step up and tackle the task of promotions the chances are they cannot do it alone. The ideal Public Image Chair is the person that can gather resources and pass out assignments to the people who are knowledgeable in the areas of public relations, promotions, and the tools of the trade.

Your club chair might be a better manager than a writer, or photographer, or social media enthusiast. This is why a committee works so well. Someone in your club is using Facebook. Someone in your club enjoys photography and more than likely you have a writer in your midst.

Be sure to include at least one member with an in-depth knowledge of Rotary to help guide the committee.

Creating a public image team can be a fun process and provide great rewards. Did I mention attracting new members? Wouldn’t it be great to have more community support for the projects your club tackles?

My Rotary My is the gateway to “Brand Central” where RI has created numerous templates to help your club promote Rotary’s brand. You will find easy to use templates for everything from business cards to brochures, and each template will allow you to customize.

For the writer who is unsure of how to write a press release, there are templates for that as well.

How to create an account on

Anyone can create an account and sign in. Existing Member Access users can re-register with their current user ID. For tips on registering and using the site, see our website resources. For assistance, contact us.

Once you have signed onto look for the “Manage” navigation and you will find a menu of items to help promote your club to your community and the world.

Let’s find out who has the talent in your club and who would be willing to join a team versus become the sole person responsible for your club’s public image and promotions:

Facilitator note: We all know that Rotary is working to improve the public awareness of all that Rotary does. What ideas to you have to increase visibility and awareness of Rotary in our community?

Facilitator: Try to elicit comments on the strength and weakness of the following public image tools;


        • Web site
        • Social Media
                • Facebook
                • Twitter
                • Instagram
                • Snapchat
                • Others?


        • Daily
        • Community
        • Newsletters
                • company
                • Social organizations
                • Churches


        • Local
        • Public Service Announcements


        • Local news
        • Featured programs

Facilitator note: Your club might have a Facebook page, and you are making posts. Ask who is managing the Facebook and see how often they are posting (we have a separate program for why Facebook and How to use it) If your club is not utilizing social media ask the following;

          • How many people in our club are using social media?
          • Conduct a spot survey and ask which social media?

o    Facebook

o    Instagram

o    Twitter

o    Snapchat

Facilitator note: Schedule a club meeting to play with social media and invite members to bring out their smartphones. Create a cheat sheet to show where to find the various apps and how to use them.

Facilitator: Sometimes it really is who you know that can help your promotion. Survey to find out who has media contacts, or relationships with professionals that can help your public image tasks.