Strengthen Rotary’s image by delivering a clear and compelling message that conveys what we do and how people can engage with us.

By speaking, writing, and designing in a unified voice and look, we ensure that our communications are unmistakably Rotary.

WHAT WE DO: The Public Image team can help districts (and clubs) be more attractive to the public and to their members by understanding and implementing Rotary’s Voice and Visual Guidelines.

HOW WE CAN HELP: We have skilled professionals that support District’s Public Image Chairs with expertise in:

  • Public Relations and media outreach
  • Print, broadcast and social media.
  • Telling a compelling Rotary Story
  • Training, motivating, and encouraging district and club leaders
  • Assisting the district in developing their Communication Action Plan

Our team serves both Zones – regardless of where the team members reside.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need ideas or assistance.

HOW TO FIND: Public Relation tools are found in the Brand Center on Rotary’s website.

What is the Brand Center?

The Brand Center offers a simple way to customize your club logo, create a marketing brochure, or give your newsletter a fresh look. It can help make your story powerfully effective! It contains answers to frequently and a wide variety of other resources and information.

Five reasons you should use the Brand Center:

1. You can create your club and district logo.

2. You can develop professional-looking PowerPoint presentations, press releases. Templates can be customized.

3. You can find answers to frequently asked questions guidelines, fonts, etc.

4. You can upload and store the materials and logos for future use by creating a basket. You can Use the Quick Share function to email your basket and share your new materials with members.

5. You can download public service announcements, videos, and images to tell Rotary’s story.